David Löw Beer

M.A. International Economics

WSES-Team: Concept & Speakers

I am writing my PhD thesis on Economic Education related to Education for Sustainable Development. Therefore I want to find out (1) what are fundamental concepts in economics that can help to build a sustainable future and (2) how can they be learned in an emancipatory way. Besides, I love to work with groups and design teaching & learning environments. For me, the summit is a great possibility because it unites motivated and curious students that want to work on a sustainable future.

Martin Bosak

B.Sc. Major Environmental Science, Minor Political Science

WSES-Team: Project Management

Currently I am in my final year of studying Environmental Sciences with a minor in Politics. My Bachelor thesis will focus on a comparative political strategy analysis of national climate adaptation strategies of Germany and the UK. During my participation at the WSES 2011 in Karlskrona, Sweden, I was very impressed by meeting so many motivated  international students and experts who share the vision of a more equitable and sustainable future. Now that the idea of organising the WSES at the Leuphana University finally became reality I am very glad to be part of the organising team already counting the days until September.


Julia Griehl

M.Sc. Sustainability Science

WSES-Team: Concept & Speakers, Website Management

I’m studying sustainability science at Leuphana University Lüneburg since 2010. My interests range from biodiversity topics to macroecological and climate modeling and conservation biology. After finishing my bachelor degree in Marketing and Management I realized that my real passion lies with nature conservation and that I wanted more insight in the core of sustainability research.


David Lam

M.Sc. Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science

WSES-Team: Project Management

I did an international master program at Lund University in Sweden. I’m very happy to be part of the WSES 2013 organizing team. I’m looking forward to see all the interesting speakers, workshops and especially our unique delegates coming from more than 30 different countries. I hope that we will have great discussions and that we will create creative and effective concepts for sustainability projects around the world!


Christopher Lüderitz

M.Sc. Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science

WSES-Team: Concept & Speakers

Since 2012 I’m studying at Lund University, doing a master program that focuses on sustainability issues. My major interests in sustainability research focus on the question of how human society can be transformed into a more sustainable state. My research interest focuses manly on urban areas and the question of how cities or particular urban neighborhoods can provide an environment that satisfies current demands without compromising the needs of future generations.


Christine Priessner

B.A. Social economy
M.Sc. Sustainabilty Science

WSES-Team: Concept & Speakers

I am 37 years young, mother of one daughter and love to be sustain. My master thesis is focusing on  a so called „social-ecological crisis“ of soil we are facing right now and analysing existing regulations (Cross Compliance within the Common Agriculture Policy - CAP) that could intensify or diminish the crisis. My personal goal is to help to integrate sustainability into teaching and research.


Sina Laura Rautmann

B.A. Multimedia Arts
B.A. Teacher Education for Primary, Lower Secondary and Intermediate Schools (so called Teaching and Learning)

WSES-Team: Website Management

I am 25 years old and finished my first bachelor in summer 2011 to become a web developer. After working almost two years in that industry I realized that this wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I decided to start a new carreer as an elementary school teacher. My majors are English and General Knowledge based on biology. My wish is to educate the young children in elementary schools in all important aspects of sustainability, creating a better understanding for our world and how we can protect it.

Anastasia (Ani) Schönfeld

B.A. Teacher Education for Primary, Lower Secondary and Intermediate Schools (so called Teaching and Learning) with subjects Music and German

WSES-Team: Project Management

Currently I am studying in my 4th year at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. I am 24 years old and expecting me to be someone who will make a difference in people’s life. Starting with some of the youngest I will take the responsibility while trying to prepare them for life. While expanding my horizon I really enjoy working in projects with different world changing perspectives.


Helen Lara Steiniger

M.Sc. Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science

WSES-Team: Application Procedure

At the moment I am enrolled in an international master programme on sustainability science at Lund University in Sweden. For my Master thesis I am investigating the effect of climate policies on household consumption, particularly in the fields of food and transportation. I am very much interested in social sustainability and how we can design sustainable solutions that contribute to social equity and quality of life for individuals. I am always eager to get new inputs and be inspired by the brilliant ideas and projects that people around the world create and live.


Svenja Strophal

WSES-Team: Communication, Website Management, Concept & Speakers

I am dedicated to the WSES because it promises to be an inspiring event, one that unleashes the motivation of students to build the future they want. We aim for a comprehensive package of exciting lectures and panel discussions with leading experts on the role of our universities in striving for a sustainable future. Related questions have accompanied me since I started studying myself and I am looking forward to the discussions. However, more important is how these thinking models translate into reality. Here, we introduce to good practices and aim to show what’s possible. For me, the WSES 2013 is a success when we inspire students to start cooperating internationally and developing their own sustainability solutions.


Dörte Themann

B.Sc. Major Environmental Science, Minor Philosophy

WSES-Team: Board & Lodging

Hi, I´m Dörte and I study Environmental Sc. and Philosophy in my 4th semester. Besides the WSES 2013 I´m  a member of sneep, which is a student network for ethics in economics and practice. The subject, that I keep myself busy with, is the question of justice in an all-round global way, because justice is the essence of sustainability.

Christiane Weber

B.Sc. Major Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Minor Business Psychology

WSES-Team: Board & Lodging

During my Voluntary Year of Ecological Service I realized that sustainability is a major part of my life and that I wanted to learn more about it. Therefore I began to study Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the Leuphana University Lüneburg in 2012 and I'm already looking forward to my integrated year abroad in Hungary. I think it's always interesting to meet people with different backgrounds and to discuss issues of sustainability to find new and innovative ways into a greener future.

Klara Johanna Winkler

M.Sc. Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science

WSES-Team: Application Procedure

At the moment I am studying an international master programme in Lund, Sweden. I am interested in the question how we can implement sustainable behavior into our societies and how groups that have not been in contact with issues of sustainability yet can be included into the discussion.


Alina Zalewski

B.Sc. Environmental Sciences

WSES-Team: Application Procedure

I'm studying environmental sciences and politics in Lüneburg. I'm interested in getting to know other cultures and like to discuss environmental issues with people with different backgrounds because it is always interesting to understand other points of view. That's why I joined different political youth programs on european and international levels to discuss solutions for sustainable challenges. How can global awareness of the society for sustainability be raised and how can guidelines be implemented to work together towards a more sustainable future? I'm really excited for our WSES 2013 and I'm looking forward to welcome all of you in Lüneburg.


Since April 2013 the students of a complementary seminar of the Leuphana University have been supporting the organization of the World Student Environmental Summit. During the seminar, the students developed concepts for workshops and lectures, created a communication strategy, organized a benefit event to support delegates, and prepared board and lodging for the summit. The students are now part of the WSES team and are looking forward to welcoming the delegates.


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